Plum Cakes

I had one of those really productive weekends last weekend. You know, the kind where you make it to an 8 a.m. Yoga class, throw a few loads of laundry through, and cross all of your errands off of your to-do list, therefore leaving you with plenty of time to bake something just for the hell of it.

Plum Cake

Bon Appetit’s Little Apricot Cakes had been beckoning since I laid eyes on the recipe — a simple homemade cake batter paired with fresh fruit, delivered in a muffin tin-sized package. It’s the perfect recipe for when you want to high-five yourself for being so accomplished by Sunday morning.

I chose to use plum in these cakes instead of apricot. The plums at my local market just looked better than the apricots, and I think the deep purple color made the finished product really pretty. The plum slices roasted and became sort of jammy in the center of the cakes, giving a nice sweet contrast to the lemony cake.

My favorite thing about this recipe? These babies make a great dessert, but they are also a perfectly acceptable breakfast food! And in my book, anything sweet that can be consumed as soon as I wake up in the morning is gold.


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3 Responses to Plum Cakes

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  2. These little cakes look delicously yummy! Love the blog.

  3. Lisa Bradshaw

    These look delicious and congrats on the pickup by Bon Appetit!

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